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The Last Seraph, Book One

The Last Seraph Cover

“Well, he’d done it. He’d finally done it and driven himself stark raving mad.”

The first and only angel to be cast out of Heaven, Sataniel has been damned for thousands of years. Excommunicated and stripped of his power, the Fallen One, “the Devil”, has spent most of that time missing the Creator and hating himself for his Fall. Without the free will to despise his own maker, Sataniel blames mankind for the loss of his brothers and for the War he started after they died.

So when, after centuries of solitary imprisonment, Sataniel finds himself sharing his personal hell with a talkative human ghost, the fallen angel begins to wonder if the Creator has a sense of humor or if his luck really is that bad.

If trying to coexist with a creature he hates worse than damnation isn’t enough, Sataniel’s nemesis—the archangel Gabriel—discovers something special about the strangely beautiful ghost. She is unwittingly in the possession of something powerful enough to fulfill Gabriel’s most dark and destructive dreams. Without warning, the archangel sets into motion his plan to destroy Heaven and Earth.

From his dark prison, Sataniel has no way to help the Creator he loves. At least, he doesn’t think so, but the ghost begins to show the fallen angel that mankind has a few things to teach him, and maybe life is what you make it.


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May 05, 2015